The Books

Ronnie Biggs wrote a number of books during his lifetime, both fact and fiction. His last and most complete autobiography is “Odd Man Out: The Last Straw” published in 2011 by Mpress. He also contributed, along with Bruce Reynolds, to “The Great Train Robbery: Crime of the Century”, that was published in 2013 for the 50th anniversary of the Great Train Robbery, and just months before Ron’s death.

Both books can be bought direct from the publisher, Calm Productions, or through usual outlets such as Amazon. To order “Odd Man Out: The Last Straw” from a book store the ISBN is 978-0-9570398-2-7 and for the bookazine, “The Great Train Robbery: Crime of the Century,” the ISBN is 978-0-9572559-7-5.

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A number of very special and limited leather bound and VIP box set editions were also produced by the publisher and for more details visit “Leather Bound” or “Box Set”

Ron also wrote a novel based on the Great Train Robbery, “Keep On Running”, with Christopher Pickard who had helped him with his autobiography and who also edited and contributed to “The Great Train Robbery: Crime of the Century”.

This novel draws on the true events surrounding the Great Train Robbery. It gives an account of what may have happened to the three other men who were involved in the robbery, who were never caught or even suspected.

“Keep On Running”, first published by Bloomsbury in 1995, is now out-of-print as a physical book but second hand copies can be found at times on eBay and Amazon or it is available on Kindle.

Ron and the Great Train Robbery have generated many miles of newsprint and any number of books. Here are just a few…