This is a really hard question to answer both morally and ethically.

Most people would certainly consider that if their partner was using the sexual services of an escort whilst in a long term relationship without their knowledge, absolutely 100% cheating, and it would more then likely end the relationship, or indeed put a hiatus on it while they worked it out, the reasons why they were using escort services and may involve some level of relationship advice or relationship counselling.

However in certain relationships, indeed in certain countries, there are couples who allow their significant other to visit and use escort agencies with no problem or adverse affect on their relationship or marriage.

For example many Japanese women do not see their partner or spouse using the sexual services of an escort as a bad thing in their relationship.

They don’t see it as cheating as long as you are paying for it. It’s just seen as a service.

The attitude they take is “Why after a long stressful day do an activity you aren’t in the mood for when their partner can just go pay someone to satisfy their sexual need?”

It is almost considered like ordering take out food when you don’t feel like cooking!

Of course this view is considered normal in peoples relationships, in fact sometimes if they are in the mood the partner even gets involved!

We have talked many times about how using the services of an escort can boost your self confidence, and if you are open to it, you may even learn some new sexual techniques, escorts are sex pros after all!

So if someone who is in a relationship is doing it behind their partner’s back, yes it can be viewed as cheating, however if the partner agrees to it, and everyone is comfortable with the situation, then why not? If you are considering using an escort and you are in a relationship, why not broach the subject with your partner? Who know they might want to involved!

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