Wing Chun Boxing 詠春拳


Gongfuconcept: Training Style

Our training style focuses on helping the student to learn, understand and apply Wing Chun principles to the point at which they form their own ‘new’ Wing Chun based on their personality and body frame. Not copying, but creating.

A lot of times in martial arts people get to obsessed with their style thinking that they are studying something superior and special. We are convinced that there is not such thing as a special martial art, but believe in the power of the individuality. Wing Chun is a training system that uses a certain drills to develop a skill set that focuses on underlying principles in combat.

The aim should be to develop these skill as fast as possible. Nobody would go to a boxing class if they had to wait years until the first punch. Wing Chun can’t be different - it is a Chinese boxing style and we have to learn how to use tools.

What is the point of being the master of drills and sequences if a simple punch ends it all?

We teach the full curriculum of Wing Chun - you will understand how to use the training tools such as the Wooden Dummy, Dragon Pole and Knives to help develop your fighting skills.

The training is organised on a One to One basis to ensure a constant progress. You won’t get lost in a class and spend years doing basic drills. We will train like fighters, creating a dynamic environment that encourages intensity and variety.

Wing Chun is a traditional fighting system. It was developed to survive the brutality of combat. It is designed around solid foundation of simple principles and concepts.

We use the drills to elaborate those basic elements and try to develop the ability to apply them in progressively more intensive sparring.

You will have to do your ‘homework’ regarding the basic body structure which will be corrected on the way.

“Knowing is not enough - we must apply.” Bruce Lee


Private Tuition


One to One or small group (up to 4 people)

By appointment.

How much?
Session - £40                                        
(Session = 60min./ min. 5 sessions)

Free trial session (30 min.)

Seminars on request

Bespoke seminars.

Available in English, Italian and German.

WCB Work Group...coming soon


Group training.

How much?

Please ask for dates.
Every 6 to 8 weeks.

The  workshop cover elements of the curriculum and give the students the chance to exchange ideas with others. At the end are knowledge and skill assessed.
(4hrs/ £40 per participant)